First League – 2 nd Day: MU and Chelsea neutralize themselves

A non-whistled penalty on a hand ball of Frank Lampard (62nd minute) by the referee M.

Atkinson could change the course of this match of the 2nd day, between two big calibers of

the First League, namely Manchester United and Chelsea. It was a meeting which didn’t

meet public expectation who were numerous to come in Old Trafford. A large number of

internet users also have bet on platforms of sports betting. The domination of the Red Devils

is undisputed during this party. The Dutch striker Van Persie (23rd), Tom Cleverley (38th)

and Oscar by twice (9th, 44th) have tried to hustle the visitors, but in vain. Their attempt has


From their side, the Blues, under the leadership of José Mourinho, didn’t worry a lot the

opposite camp. During the second half-time, Chelsea, one of the most adored teams by keens

of online betting, achieved a shy game. Let us add to that, the composition of the team which

has confused a lot of people. Juan Mata, substituted by André Schürrle as forward, stayed on

the substitute’s bench. It’s the same for Fernando Torres and Romelu Lukaku, who contented

themselves to follow the match from the touchline.